The Ideal education ( 5 traits for a better Education)

The Ideal education ( 5 traits for a better Education)

Education, if it is not the best, is one of man's best invention.

The concept of coming together, learning and acquiring new knowledge and values of life.

It is the place that offers the basic tools to a person to be useful and be able to contribute to society.

In this article we will list 5 traits that demonstrate an ideal education

1. Discipline

The number one trait because it begins at home; it is the very trait that allows us to leave our home, continue our education and finish it.

Discipline is the quality present behind all achievement.

Our schools must therefore transmit this value to everyone; offer a sense of duty, self-control

And make a person capable of making their own choices to gradually lead them towards their autonomy.

2. The critical Thinking

The spirit of discernment as we say in the bible, the critical spirit is the value that allows us to separate the false from the true and the useful from the useless. To be able to assess a situation in its essence in order to give its own opinion or its contribution.

An Ideal Education makes its students understand that one of the objectives of learning is to be able to analyze one's environment with an open mind and add one's contribution to it.

3. Knowledge of one's environment

The very purpose of education, of school, is to understand the world around us and take advantage of it therefore education is only effective when a person has a deep understanding of his culture and geography as it is impossible to be able to contribute in an environment which is unknown to us.

Putting each individual in the context of his environment must therefore be a priority for any form of education.

4. The innovative spirit.

The innovative spirit can be defined as the courage to see a lack around you and to be able to make your contribution.

To be able to improve the way of doing things Whatever one's position in the community and whatever post in a company. This spirit is not innate but cultivated. education must therefore emphasize the fact that each person is able to make his contribution in his community and thus push everyone to improve the collective way of living.

5. Social and emotional intelligence

We all know that no one accomplishes anything alone.

Any form of realization is an evidence of direct or indirect teamwork. It is the ability to know how to collaborate, communicate one's thoughts and interact with others. Social intelligence is essential for our evolution.

Even more, emotional intelligence comes in our ability to facilitate the interaction of others towards us meaning the ability to create an environment where everyone feels at ease. Emotional intelligence therefore requires control of his emotions and empathy towards others.

And like all other qualities, social and emotional intelligence is cultivated in practice.

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