The African touch; how we can use our heritage to build up the continent.

Mis à jour : 23 sept. 2020

Not long ago I was discussing with a friend on how ancient cultures influence the way things are made around the world.

For example we can see the Japanese heritage in the way they build their products and build their cities, you can see the American touch In the design of certain cars and cellphones,  you can see the German touch in the majority of cars and big mechanical achievements, the European touch in our politics and finally I don't have to say much about the Chinese touch.

By observing how the world is built upon different cultures from around the world,  our question was what is the African touch?

What is our way of doing things that can be transported all over the world and make the whole continent proud? We can clearly see and hear the African heritage in music and fashion but what about other areas of our life that we will make Africa a more flourishing continent?

Let's take a look on how others community have used their culture to thrive:

-The Japanese touch

The monozokuri from indigenous  Japanese languages  describing  their attitude to building things with pride,  mastering skills and their dedication. That attitude come from the way samurai used to forge their sword for the best quality possible , today we can see that spirit in the way they build their products,  build their cities and grow their community.

-The American touch

All about Innovation and progress. they keep creating and breaking all the frontiers known by human kind.

All the values coming from the founding fathers of America today we can see that influence in the way Americans approach challenges with a more open mind and determination to be the best.

-The German touch

I believe their passion  and high achievement in engineering comes from their endeavors in world war 1 and two that's when Germany deeply invested in scientific research and manufacturing Today if we talk about powerful engine and superior Quality we Think about Germany.

Russian,  Chinese etc...

What's the African touch? what's our Heritage? what traits of our upbringing can we use to get inspired in our development? I know there're more but here a few i could think of :

1. Our Deep sense of family and community

There's saying that a "real African won't hesitate to stop himself just to make sure his whole family eat"

Our connection to our families, community and ethnicity is one of the strongest energy on earth.

What strikes me the most is the fact that even between people born and raised in the same city still ask each other "where are you from".

the sense of belonging is very strong when it comes to Africans.

we grow with the feeling of representing our ancestors, kingdom and kings wherever we go. We have this natural obligation of considering who ever share our origins as our brother or sister.

This feeling of belonging, this pride  of our origins and this willingness to care for our community  can easily be transferred to the way we build wealth, develop our cities and create products.

By the way we are proud of our origins that's how we should be proud to consume and support our owns, by the way we belong that's how we should make sure our cities and countries are the most sustainable for us, by the way we care that's how we should make sure that everyone on the continent is safe, well fed and thriving.

2. We have a Big connection with nature

For us nature is not just about the air we breath or beautiful landscape but about Life. Nature is the way we heal ourselves, Nature is an extension of ourselves and our getaway to the supernatural. Therefore preserving the nature is not something new for us because we know the value of living in synergy with animals, plants, rivers and mountains.

The way we build our cities should reflect that, we don't need to copy any other big cities in the world polluted by concrete but build cities with the understanding of our way of living.

The continent can be the leader in building cities of tomorrow,  cities where nature and human are one.

3. The king mindset

Most of us come directly from a king as ancestors the mindset to conquer is still in us therefore the cities we build ,the products we create and the companies we create need to reflect our conquering side.

Let's build locally and Think Globally.

we are kings and queens that needs to be heard..

Let's create products that will not only be used in our community but all over the world, products that will cross borders and people will say "I can tell by the high quality that this product comes from Africa, I can tell by the way it was that this product come from Africa and deserves all the respect of the world."

The conclusion

We already have all it takes to make sure that no ones dies of hunger on the continent, that no one dies due to lack of health support, that no one lack the opportunity to educate himself and to be safe. The only thing we need to do is to think further than just making some money, we need to think with pride , honor, loyalty and respect.

The pride to build a community where everyone can be successful,  the honor to be heard all over the world,  the loyalty to always do good by our brothers and sisters and The respect because we have built and we own our own.

we are Kings and Queens.

From Africa to the world.

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